Al Battistelli


When it comes to playing the accordion and great polka music, the name Al Battistelli - is well-renowned across Lorain, Ohio and in popular areas of Cleveland, Ohio.  Al has talents second to none in this part of the country. Al and his band have played  on many cruise ships. Al has also taken tours to Hawaii and Europe. Polka’s have always been a big part of Al's life as he was growing up. Al still takes his talents and plays at many events and restaurants in the Lorain and Cleveland, Oh. area, exhibiting the beautiful sounds of polka and ethnic music, and also Big Band sounds played on his beautiful custom built Beltuna MIDI accordion. 


Welcome to the World of Polka Music, Accordions, Slovenian Music, Italian Music, Ball Room Music, Hear Live Polka Music at Sterles, Cleveland, Ohio


POLKA’S, Waltz’s, Latin, Big Band

Piano  Accordion Lessons / Diatonic Button Box Accordion Lessons by music.

Piano and Button Box sheet music for both instruments arr. by Al Battistelli

Instruction on using MIDI and playing the midi accordion with a real time arranger.

Recording Studio / Reproduce CD’s and  Home Movies

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